Awad Family

I have said it before, but I’m definitely not wrong about this, my clients are truly the best, and the Awad family was no exception at all! They’re such a great family, and a big one too, so of course it was a lot of fun! The family, being four girls and the youngest one a boy (who of course is the baby of everyone and steals every heart with each smile and laugh), made it so much fun to shoot! And as you will see, they’re one big happy family, each with a unique personality!

FAM 2.1


We met at this beautiful spot on the beach where we found a tree that made for some amazing pictures! The four girls and the little boy were having such a great time exploring around!


fam 4

Here’s the girls and the boys, who are pretty outnumbered!


In the end, after all the playing around and the beautiful pictures, Mom and Dad still had a little time for some shoots of their own! They both look stunning and truly happy!


Molina Family

It hasn’t been long since I had this session with the Molina family, this was one was truly special for me, because as you might know, I’m from Mexico, and I was blessed to be back during the summer. While I was there I had the amazing opportunity to have this photoshoot in Cozumel; the Caribbean blue ocean, white sand and fantastic scenes made for some amazing photos!


Aside from the incredibly beautiful place, the Molina family was amazing, they are all really loving, all three girls really look up and admire their parents, as you will see below in the pictures, and that can only come from a loving example set by their parents! We had a lot of fun during this shoot, all the waves crashing and all dancing in the beach, it was amazing!! But enough text, check out this beautiful family!!

Fam 5.jpg

Fam 4.jpg




A Day in a Life

So this session was a really fun one for me, having to take pictures of the children while they played around was amazing! They’re all really fun and easygoing, and always ready to take their picture taken!

Meet the girls, both super sweet!

Primos 1

Now meet the boys, always with a smile a on their faces!

Primos 2

While the kids played around the house, I was able to get some beautiful shots of them having some fun, while looking all really cute.

primos 3.1

Now, let’s get to the fun part of this session! They had prepared a little creative time, painting some ceramic pieces and enjoying every second of it! As you can see below, their creative side put a smile on each of their faces, they were really having a blast, and I was really happy to capture some family fun time!

Primos 4

Bazán Family

So I’ve been wanting to post about this session for a while, I’m really lucky with the people I get to work with. They’re such an amazing family that every second spent in the shooting was wonderful, they’re so easygoing but strong willed that it was to be admired. As you can see below, they’re truly a loving family.


But what I loved most about this session, was definitely seeing the relationship between Haniel and Caleb, despite the age difference they truly have a beautiful bond. They were both really sweet and smart children.


We met at this beautiful spot at the beach, and were able to take advantage of some of the surroundings that were amazing, as a family they love everything related to nature, so this place was very special for them, they got some beautiful shots doing what they love most as a family. When the sun was set, they were cherishing that moment in such a unique way as a family, and I was lucky enough to capture the moment.





Earle Family

I recently had a fantastic session with the Earle family. I’m absolutely lucky with every client I get to work with, and this family was no exception. The kids were wonderful, always having fun and smiling for the camera, they were an absolute wonder and so fun to work with! Getting to work with the family so closely was a blessing, they’re such a loving family, as you are about to see.

Earle Fam 1 corregida

What I loved most about this session, was the coziness of it all, shooting the pictures in their living room, seeing them interact in the comfort of their own home and how happy they all are was so fulfilling.

Earl Fam 3.2

But as you may know, not everything is perfect and the weather can be unpredictable, especially here in Miami, so even after a bit of rain, we managed to make the most of it and get super fun results!

rainEarle Fam 2.1

At the end of this amazing session, after all the fun and challenges we faced, we were still able to give Mom and Dad some alone time for some beautiful shots!


Jose Andres First Communion

I am honored that the Ortega family came to me to record such an important milestone in their lives like the first Communion of their first kid.

The session started of great, I sat back and watched how he got ready for his big day , with some help from his dad. Then the pictures began , let me tell you this kid is a natural, he kept giving me this great poses without me even giving him direction , you could tell that he was so proud of this day.

002-003BlogBoard-3Then the family portraits started. You could see how proud both parents were of this little guy,  and there is no doubt that these three have a special bond.


And now on to the siblings, I had such a good time with them. They brought so much energy to the shoot it was just to much fun!!  The connection that they have is amazing and that little girl is the luckiest girl to be surrounded by those 3 brothers.

blog6And for the party, lets just say it was perfection. Every little detail was thought out and it looked stunning!!!



We all know that a Mom to be is the star of the show when it comes to a maternity session, but there’s no denying the sweetness of having the entire family in the frame, too. I love capturing the raw candid moments between parents and siblings, and pressing pause on a moment in time that would otherwise go by so quickly.


My shoot with Andy and the rest of her family – including Dad, and their 2 children, Allegra and Felix – offered lots of those moments. The session took place a couple weeks ago at  Key Biscayne , and it was a non-stop shutter clicking extravaganza! The whole family had such good energy and you can totally see their love for each other. I mean look at the parents look at each other, both of them are radiant.

Specially kudos to Dad, who despite the hot weather didn’t complain once, and even took the kids away so I could focus on the amazing mom to be.


First lets talk about the girls, when I asked Andy what they liked to do as a family. She answered we love to hear music and dance, so of course I brought my portable speakers and it was a hit!!! Just look at mom and daughter having a blast with the music. Allegra’s name comes with her personality she is truly the must cheerful girl I have known, once you meet her you can’t stop smilling.


And what can I say about Felix, I mean those eyes and that playful smile is just too much. You can defiantly see that he is the sweetest boy and brings on so much joy into this family life.


ok now what you have all been waiting for.  I  really can’t get enough of how glowing Andy looked in these shots! And how about these images below? Stunning!


My shoot with Andy and the rest of the family offered moments they will always remember. Today the are a family of four, but soon they will become complete with their new addition.